Delivery Information & Shipping Fees

Delivery Information:

When you purchase from Shanfields Meyers, you can be assured that your merchandise will be in pristine condition and will be packed properly for its journey to you.  We then strive to choose delivery methods that are reliable and timely.  We will provide you with tracking information for your purchase.

Despite our best efforts, once a package leaves our immediate control, we cannot be responsible for its handling.  When the value of your merchandise warrants, we will strongly encourage you to purchase adequate insurance coverage available from most shipping agents.  Without proper insurance, you may be disappointed with the compensation offered by the shipping agent in the event of lost or damaged merchandise.

When deciding which shipping method to use, be aware that UPS offers insurance for breakage and loss, whereas Canada Post only insures for loss up to $1000.00.

In addition, some jurisdictions require the payment of duties and/or sales taxes on internet sales.  In such cases, the shipper may be obligated to collect duties and/or sales taxes at time of delivery.  This is beyond the control of Shanfields-Meyers.