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NEW IN BOX NEVER SOLD OR USED  Belleek giftware Woven Basket with Blue-Forget-Me-Not Flowers &a..

NEW IN BOX Belleek Candlestick, hand painted in Ireland, Perian China that fires translucent,Ye..

NEW IN BOX Belleek  giftware Cherry Clossom vase made in Ireland and hand painted, This va..

NEW IN BOX Belleek CLADAGH ring holder cladagh design ...know where your rings are at all times..

NEW IN BOX Belleek Solid Egg in the lustre ware colour of a silvery gold trim, It is perian por..

NEW IN BOX Belleek Enchanted Garden Series bowl is made in Ireland and hand painted Parian porc..

NEW ON BOX Belleek Fish Pin Tray, perian porcelain fires transluscent, Fish nick nack tray made..

NEW IN BOX Belleek HURRICANE VOTIVE Bacchus Mask 6.5" tall, 2 piece for use with tea light..

NEW IN BOX  Belleek figurine Leprechaun sitting on mushroom rare find, Made in Ireland of Peria..

NEW IN BOX Belleek Parian Porcelain, Small Swan, 3.5" tall, 4" long, 2.5" wide, ..

NEW IN BOX Belleek Shell Centre Piece Bowl,Footed,  very rare, in the lustre ware col..

NEW IN BOX Belleek Square Ashtray, canbe used as a pin tray, with Lusterware flowers embossed, ..

NEW IN BOX Belleek dinnerware Tea Pot, Perian China that fires translucent, made in Ireland, ha..

NEW IN BOX Belleek  giftware Woven Basket Vase with Pink Flowers, vase made in Ireland and..

NEW NEVER USED  Belleek dinnerware Limpet Coffee Pot Lustre Ware Trim, Shell Design, Paria..

NEW NEVER USED  Belleek dinnerware Tea Pot Pink Trim, Shell Design, Parian porcelain, hand..

NEW NEVER USED  Belleek dinnerware Tridacna Tea Pot Lustre Ware Trim, Shell Design, P..

NEW NEVER SOLD OR USED  Bellek Trellis Shamrock lamp hand painted in Ireland, made of Pari..